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Sewage Treatment Plant Buyers Guide: Where Are the Best Sewage Treatment Plant Installers Near Me?

Updated: Jul 5

Sewage Treatment Plant Buyers Guide: Where Are the Best Sewage Treatment Plant Installers Near Me?
Sewage Treatment Plant Buyers Guide: Where Are the Best Sewage Treatment Plant Installers Near Me?

Around 5% of UK properties are not connected to the main drainage system. They have a self-contained system instead.

The homeowners may want to be off-grid, or the properties are in rural areas like Southern England.

Many of us dream of the idyllic peaceful countryside lifestyle – but it's not without its challenges. Choosing an off-mains and compliant sewage treatment system can be a headache (and frankly not that exciting).

The solution is to hire experts to do it for you! But you may wonder "Where are the best sewage treatment plant installers near me?". You can Google 'sewage treatment plant Poole' or 'sewage treatment plant installers Bournemouth', or read on to find out.

Why Sewage Treatment Plants?

You may not have heard much about sewage treatment plants in comparison to other systems. Cesspits, soakaways and septic tanks have been commonly used for rural properties in the UK in the past.

These outdated systems collect sewage, let the solids settle in the bottom and gradually discharge the liquid into the ground. But why are many people changing to sewage treatment plants?

Environment and New Legislation

Over the years, all that untreated water can have negative effects on the environment. For example, septic tanks discharge is not allowed to enter surface water systems. These include streams, lakes, rivers, ditches, canals, or any other waterway.

These systems cannot remove phosphates, a large component of household cleaning products. Phosphates pollute waterways by causing algal blooms. This algae blocks water flow, chokes wildlife and reduces the oxygen content of the water.

This triggered the Environment Agency to change the legislation. Septic tanks that discharge into surface water must be changed to sewage treatment plants by the 1st of January 2020 or before you sell your house. Many homeowners are now changing their existing systems. Also, new builds are choosing sewage treatment plants as their first option.

The Best Sewage Treatment Plant in Poole and

Southern England

They have been the rising stars of wastewater systems, but now sewage treatment plants are the future. With an innovative biological filter, the active bacteria do the work. They treat the wastewater before it is released into the environment.

Southern England boasts many National Nature Reserves, wildlife conservation areas and protected waterways. Being a coastal area, these waterways are not far from the ocean. Any pollution affecting the inland waterways will also affect the coastal seas.

The best sewage treatment plant in Poole and the sewage treatment plant installers in Bournemouth enable homeowners in this area to support their environmentally-friendly lifestyles. You can benefit from a sewage treatment plant installation in so many ways:

  • Improve your house sellability and value

  • Environmentally friendly sewage disposal

  • Eliminate bad smells unlike traditional systems

  • Affect less ground area with a more compact system

  • Save money on installation and maintenance

  • Enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing appearance

  • Save time with a quick and simple installation

So you know that you want a sewage treatment plant for your rural and eco-friendly home, but now you need to choose a system and an installation company you can trust.

How to Choose a Sewage Treatment Installer

If you are still stuck Googling 'sewage treatment plant near me' trying to decide what system and which company to choose, here are some helpful tips. The best sewage treatment installer will exhibit the following professional qualities you can trust in.

Offers a Full Service

You need to work with a company that has all the essential equipment and expertise to offer every service. Besides the initial installation, you need to know the installers will be able to help you care for your sewage treatment plant in the future. The company you choose should offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to ensure your system is always working at its best.

Accredited and Insured

A project as big as installing a sewage treatment plant requires a lot of health and safety measures. A professional company will have the required qualifications, accreditations and public liability insurance. Make sure to check out their credentials from Wessex Water, Gas Safe and is Safe Contractor approved.


Working with experienced well-established sewage treatment plant installers in Bournemouth or Poole will give you peace of mind. A company that has experience in installing and maintaining systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings will have an impressive catalogue of knowledge and expertise to bring to your installation.

It's always a good idea to check Trustpilot reviews and customer testimonials of previous experiences too of course.

Use Quality Materials

You want to make sure the company uses top-of-the-line high-quality brands and plant equipment. The market leader in sewage treatment plant technology is MARSH industries.

They provide an excellent range of systems to suit your project. If the installers are ambassadors of excellent quality plant equipment, you can feel confident in the longevity of your system.


Providing a guarantee shows that the company has confidence in their work and wants to ensure customer satisfaction. You will feel safe in the knowledge that if your system needs a little adjustment here or there, you can count on the installers to provide the service you need.

Emergency Call-Out

As with all systems, there can be unexpected mishaps that never happen at a convenient time. Something as important as your sewage treatment needs immediate attention. A 24/7 365 day emergency call out service (with no call out fee) is a must.

Compliant System

Your chosen company should help you understand what makes a compliant system. They should make you aware of the rules and regulations and whether you need a permit. You need to ensure your sewage treatment plant ticks all the boxes under the Environment Agency's general building rules.

Try Pro Sewage Treatment Plant

You may need to replace your existing sewage treatment system or you're planning a new project. Either way, you want the best quality sewage treatment installation that will last a lifetime. You can trust a sewage treatment plant from Poole with Pro Sewage Treatment Plant.

Book a free site visit from our experts to discuss the possibilities. Give us a call on 0800 511 8299 or via our online contact form. We look forward to providing you with the best sewage treatment services.

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